Texas Hot Hummus

Smoky, spicy, and totally healthy! We took a favorite hot dog topping and added a VegInspired spin.  An oil […]

Vegan Bibimbap

Mixed Rice Mixed Rice! Is there anything better? The Korean dish “bibimbap” means mixed rice and is one […]

Avocado Rolls

When summer hits, I am all about hot dogs, burgers, bbq, and picnic food (all vegan of course). […]

Greek Salad Bowl

Who is ready for summer?  Keep your hands up if you are excited for fresh summer veggies and […]

Tangy Noochy Hummus

Nutritional Yeast should actually be called “flaked gold”.  Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast with a strong nutty, […]


Vegan Yolk Sauce

Breakfast sandwiches and dishes like a loco moco traditionally have an egg with a “yolky” center that splits […]

Chickpea Cakes

Do you love Chickpeas?  Then we have a recipe for you! When we lived in North Carolina, we […]