Vegan Yolk Sauce

Breakfast sandwiches and dishes like a loco moco traditionally have an egg with a “yolky” center that splits […]

Chickpea Cakes

Do you love Chickpeas?  Then we have a recipe for you! When we lived in North Carolina, we […]

ABCs of Me

ABCs of Me – today

Inspired by Kayla of Fruitful Soul (check our her blog and social media accounts) and her authentic 21 […]

Seitan Gyros

Gyros were never my favorite.  I couldn’t stomach the fact that they are traditionally made with lamb.  🙁 […]

Eat with Compassion

Food Choice As with anything, food is driven by demand.  With every bite of food we take, we […]

Vegan Easter Sides

Holiday celebrations are not the same without food.  We wanted to share some great vegan Easter sides to […]