5 Easy Ways to Reduce your Plastic Waste

Save or Share...PinterestFacebookYummlyemailTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPrint5 Easy Ways to Reduce your Plastic Waste In honor of Earth Day, let’s talk about […]

Supreme Pizza with Seitan Pepperoni

Save or Share...PinterestFacebookYummlyemailTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPrintWho doesn’t love a good pizza?  What about a good -errr- make that a FANTASTIC VEGAN […]


Menu and Grocery Planning

Save or Share...PinterestFacebookYummlyemailTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPrintRaise your hand if you’ve gone to the grocery store hungry? Keep your hand up if […]


Rainbow Quinoa Salad [quick and easy]

Save or Share...PinterestFacebookYummlyemailTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPrintRainbow Quinoa Salad I always struggle trying to select my favorite vegan recipe to take to […]


Vegan Tofu Rancheros

Save or Share...PinterestFacebookYummlyemailTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPrintVegan Tofu Rancheros We made some basic Vegan Tofu Rancheros when we first adopted a vegan […]

Ginger Cherry Smoothie

Save or Share...PinterestFacebookYummlyemailTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPrintBeautiful food makes me so happy, and when that glorious food is packed full of antioxidants […]

Toasted Ravioli

Save or Share...PinterestFacebookYummlyemailTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPrintToasted Ravioli Way back sometime in the early 2000s, a friend of mine introduced me to […]


Vegetable Ranch Appetizer Pizza

Save or Share...PinterestFacebookYummlyemailTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPrintVegetable Ranch Appetizer Pizza This.  Is. Love.  This delicious and healthy recipe was inspired by every […]