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This VegInspired Super Veg Bowls E-Cookbook is loaded with over 20 plant-based, vegan recipes full of whole unprocessed foods.

 The book includes over 10 oil-free, vegan dressings and over 5 unique pâté recipes sure to take your plant-based meals to the next level.  

A little more about Super Veg Bowls E-Cookbook!  In our plant-based journey, we have encountered many different ways that bowls for dinner are titled.  We have tried our fair share of these bowls.  Our favorites are always the ones with a unique twist – either a flavor twist or texture twist.

Of all the bowls we’ve had, two stood out as our favorites.  One was in Savannah, GA and it had this creamy, delicious pâté which inspired us to create our version of pâtés to pair with our veg bowls.  For us, the pâté needed to add both a flavor component as well as a texture component.

The second bowl that stands out was in Pittsburgh.  This both had several different sauces that all married together in perfect harmony.  So these inspired us to play with the flavors of dressings to compliment the pâtés.  Lo and behold; the VegInspired Super Veg Bowls were born.

We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting both textures and flavors to create the perfect melody for you to add to a simple grains and greens bowl.  But honestly, these pâté’s could be used as a spread or a dip; they could be used in a wrap or atop an all-veggie salad. We hope you rejoice in the perfect melody of these recipe duos as you cook your way through this e-cookbook eating more plants!

Buy VegInspired Super Veg Bowls E-Cookbook

**You will notice that we do not add oil or salt to any of these dishes.  If you feel you need salt, you may add salt to taste, but the ingredients we’ve selected were done so in a way to keep these recipes as close to whole food as possible.

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