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Friday Favorites – 07/12/19

A food blog, writing about Amazon Prime Day? You might be a little confused, but stick around and I will show you how this is all related in this first edition of VegInspired Friday Favorites.

Kathy and John really happy about selling everything and buying an RV to travel the US.

In October 2018, we (Dear Husband, John & I) did a thing. We Sold Everything and bought an RV. It was unconventional, but also well thought out, researched, budgeted for and incredibly liberating. We researched mail services, estimated costs, and made a plan to sell (almost) everything and leave Pittsburgh to travel the country with our three cats.

We thought we’d thought of everything, but as our travels continued, we realized there were a few things we hadn’t thought of, and we were “suffering.” I am using the term suffering loosely, I mean having to buy a different tahini paste or drive out of our way for cat food wasn’t exactly suffering, it was more an inconvenience. Enter Amazon Prime!

We really love Amazon prime

We’ve been Amazon Prime members for a while. I use the unlimited photo space to back up all of my iPhone photos directly to Amazon, and I can access them from anywhere. I also love the perks of 2-day shipping, but living in an RV and traveling to different cities, we’ve come to love the consistency Amazon offers.

We often look for our favorite products on Amazon and order them rather than drive out of the way to a store that may or may not have that product in stock. We order everything from cat food to green tea to tahini to our RV tank products and more.

But why does that matter to you, a lovely reader to our plant based food blog. Well, we love to share products we love and we’ve put together an awesome VegInspired Amazon Shop where you can shop all of our favorites from kitchen gadgets to photography gear to RV stuff to vegan food products. Yup, we curated multiple lists and to help you snag the best stuff. The tried and true stuff. The stuff we love!

Visit it for yourself…

VegInspired Amazon Shop Image

Is there a product you love and don’t see on there? Let us know and we would be happy to try it and add it if it meets our standards for recommendations.

Veginspired Faves…

This post is our first “Friday Favorites” Post. We will continue to curate a few of our long term favorites and some new favorites each week. You’ll find us loving everything from vegan products and restaurants to excellent hikes, day trips, or adventures. We want these posts to inspire you to eat more plants or go on amazing adventures.

Friday Favorites

#1 – Sparkling Water

Lately we’ve been loving seltzer or sparkling water. We buy it by the case and keep it chilled in our RV fridge. We fell particularly in love with Wegmans Lemon-Lime flavor, but also enjoy Waterloo, Polar, LaCroix, and Publix brands.

#2 – Organic Green Tea

Another favorite lately has been organic Prince of Peace Green Tea. This has been a long time favorite of mine for occasional cups of tea. I just recently started drinking it in the morning when I get up, even before coffee. It has a delicious flavor and smoothness that I enjoy.

#3 – A toaster

If you follow us on Instagram, you won’t be surprised by this favorite. We recently purchased a toaster (this one) and we love it. I’ve been enjoying some tasty toast combinations as of late and this toaster is perfect. It is slim, easy to use, and the settings are spot on for the toast darkness levels. Two thumbs up for sure.

#4 – Plant Based Cookbook

I don’t know if I’ve disclosed this information to you before, but when we left Pittsburgh, we brought with us 70 pounds of books – mostly cookbooks, but some nonfiction favorites as well. Well, I’ve also tried not to buy every cookbook, but the Plant Based on a Budget Cookbook stood out, and I’ve loved every recipe I’ve cooked out of it, so it is making it to our current list of favorites. I highly recommend it both for the recipes, but also the budget mindset and how to use items in multiple dishes.

Mexican Rice from Plant Based on a Budget

What do you think about Friday Faves? Let us know in the comments.

I’ll leave you here with those few favorites and an invite to try Amazon Prime for 30 days – which is right in time for Prime Day – so you can enjoy the perks and see if it is something you’d enjoy year round. It is especially lovely at Christmas time when you need to get packages or gifts shipped (you know because you are wintering in Florida and your family is spread out over the US).

Thanks for hanging in. I am off to enjoy some toast and tea.



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