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Friday Favorites – 07/19/19

Picture this, a beautiful blue sky, with big fluffy white clouds. Peeking through the trees is a big red barn in the shadows of two silos a ways away on the hillside. A brilliant green background surrounding the farm. You can faintly hear some cars and children playing, but it is peaceful. The temperature is moderate for July. I am sipping nice dark roast coffee while sitting in my camp chair enjoying my morning. All is well. These are really my Friday Favorites.


I envisioned mornings just like that for many months leading up to our journey. I pictured myself sitting in my camp chair and enjoying each morning before getting busy with day to day business and work. Those visualizations are what kept me going, focusing on our goal of RV living and travel.

It is difficult for me to leave out our lifestyle when writing a Friday Favorites post. It is the foundation for much of our favorites and is notably why we know our favorite items and products. When downsizing your home and your stuff to live in a camper, you have to pick and choose what to bring. So this week’s Friday Favorites will focus on our favorite kitchen items that came with us from our house to our tiny house on wheels.

Friday Favorites

#1 Vitamix –

I would be lying if I left the Vitamix off our favorites list. While it doesn’t get the everyday smoothie use it did in our sticks and bricks house, it gets used about 3 times per week for sauces and dressings, and more. When we first set out we did drink smoothies every day, but as our routines changed and we had more time to make breakfast, what we eat changed. We bought ours new, but I’ve heard good things about the refurbished ones.

This Creamer is the Best – Creamy and Rich and Delicious!

#2 Coffee Stuff

We switched to pour over coffee (about a year ago) when our grand coffee maker bit the dust. We knew it was too big to take in the RV, so we opted for a smaller electric water kettle (for tea, too) and a pour over carafe. We love sipping our cup of coffee in the mornings and really enjoy the Elmhurst Hemp Creamers too. The pour over method (with our fresh ground beans) really produces a nice smooth rich cup of coffee. Have you tried pour over? We love it!


#3 2qt Slow Cooker

I’ve talked about this slow cooker in other posts. Just a tiny one compared to the 6 qt one we sold when we downsized. We love that one just as much, but it wasn’t a must have in the RV. But this little one is perfect. We have really started cooking dried beans and they come out perfectly creamy and amazing. I love that this slow cooker is small and fits in our cupboards, it is easy to wash in our sink, and did I mention the beans – it’s makes the perfect beans.

Black beans cooked in the slow cooker for our Meal Prep Meals

#4 Mortar and Pestle

I joke about this (and the 2 larger molcajete that we use for salsa and guacamole) to anyone who will listen, but honestly, fresh ground spices make a world of difference. We grind cumin and coriander almost weekly with this and we love it.

#5 Knives

I’ve talked about knives before regarding the importance of having a good sharp knife in your kitchen. One that you take care of, hone, sharpen (or have sharpened), and one that you use on a good cutting board, to avoid dulling the knife. When I started taking my Rouxbe Online Plant Based Cooking Class, knife skills was one of the first lessons. I started using one of our chef’s knives and didn’t like the fit, then I switched to our larger 8″ Chef’s Knife and it felt magical. I knew how to hold the knife, how it should fit and it was perfect and felt comfortable. I love our Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8″ Chef’s knife, for most tasks, although we also have their paring knife as well.

Cast Iron Skillet No 10
from: Field Company

#6 Cast Iron

I can’t sign off without mentioning our cast iron cookware. We have several skillets from Lodge and our beautiful smooth 12″ skillet from The Field Company, which they graciously sent to us as a PR gift. We’ve seasoned it perfectly and it is our daily used cookware. We also have an enamel dutchoven that works well for soups and stews and pasta sauce (although with the heat we’ve had this summer in New York State, we haven’t done much cooking in that in a while.

Chickpea “Crab” Cakes in our Field Company Skillet

A few last words for today

Other than our day to day (meal to meal) use of our new corelle wear plates, we also use our Yeti and Rtic stainless steel drinking tumblers for tea, coffee, and water. As I mentioned in last week’s Friday Favorites, our new toaster purchase really rounded out our kitchen favorites.

Be sure to snag our free ecookbook of a few of our favorite under 30-minute meals and stay tuned for next week’s post – our current favorite vegan food products. YUM!

Thanks for your continued support. Let me know your favorite items in the comments.

Until Next Time, Eat More Plants & Live VegInspired!



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