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Gift Guide 2020: Plant-Based Gift Ideas

The holidays in 2020 are looking a little different. Maybe this year you want to shower your family and friends with gifts. Here are some of my favorite Plant-Based Gift Ideas. And no, they are not just for the vegans in your life. There is something in this guide for everyone on your list, despite their dietary preferences!

This gift guide is a blend of some small businesses and links to my favorite and most used Amazon items. I prefer to shop small, but please remember that Amazon, UPS, and the postal service employ people… and those people need jobs too. Don’t be too hard on yourself about shopping at places like Amazon or big box stores.

Some links may be affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Plant-Based Gift Ideas

Plant-Based Gift Ideas For the Foodie

Photo Credit: Notcho Nocheez

Notcho Nocheez is a savory plant-based almond “cheezy” spread. This spread uses minimal ingredients, no-oil, and is a excellent alternative to cheese. We’ve used it as a vegetable dip, cracker spread, burger and taco topping, and more. You can order it directly from Notcho Nocheez and save 10% using my code “veginspired” You can also find it at select grocery stores and markets or on Amazon. Recipes we love include Kale Chips and Twice Baked Potatoes.

Love Some Tea is a clean and whole leaf wild tea from Thailand. Sustainably harvested, this tea is perfect for your tea-loving giftee! You can shop directly on their site (and their products come in adorable packaging ready to be gifted) and use my 10% off code “veginspired.”

Mesa de Vida cooking sauces are perfect for anyone looking for flavorful meals that don’t have time to cook all day (that is most of us, isn’t it?). Perfectly crafted to be oil-free, dairy-free, and meat-free, these can be used to flavor your entire meal or to create a unique saucy accompaniment. We love to make quick tacos with international flavors – Latin-inspired or creole-inspired. Mesa de Vida makes flavoring your meals easy and fun! Order today directly from Mesa de Vida and use my code “veginspired” for 20% off. Or you can find these sauces in select grocery stores and markets or on amazon.

Photo Credit: Crazy Go Nuts

Crazy Go Nuts Walnuts are sweet and savory flavored walnuts. Their unique flavors make them perfect for stocking stuffers, holiday baking, and charcuterie boards (or simply snacking)! My personal favorites are the Rosemary Himilayan Salt and the Pumpkin Spice! John loves the Espresso and the Peppermint Chocolate flavors! You can use code VINSP20 for 20% off your order.

Some more for the foodies…

No Whey Chocolates are fun and allergen-free! Order directly from No Whey and add a little sweet treat to your gifts. With seasonal items like peppermint bark or Santa chocolate pops to staples like milk-less milk chocolate bars (perfect for s’mores); No whey has just what you need.

Photo Credit: Chip and Kale

Chip & Kale is the perfect plant-based gift for anyone looking to eat more plants. Whether you want to inspire Meatless Monday meals for a month or help someone with a week’s worth of dinner, Chip and Kale is the answer! A non-subscription based meal service where the ingredients come prepped, measured, and frozen, and you simply thaw and cook! These meal kits can feed a family or a single; they are delicious and easy to prepare even for beginning cooks. Order directly from Chip & Kale and have the boxes shipped right to your giftee’s home! Save 15% using my code “veginspired” Read our review of Chip and Kale here.

Ginzee Pop is one of the best flavorful (and gourmet) snacks I’ve tried this year. My love for quotes and savory popcorn led me to this delightful brand. I am particularly fond of their Original, but the Za’atar flavor is tasty as well! You can order directly from their site or find them at select markets. Use code “veginspired” to save 10% on your order. (I suggest the combo pack!).

Plant-Based Gift Ideas For the Cook

Wolf ’em Sticks add an element of fun to your backyard and camping fire pits. Take your meals to the next level by whipping up a biscuit cup using these unique cooking sticks. They are a perfect gift for the camper or adventurer in your life. The biscuits are tasty, and the story behind the company is terrific! I encourage you to check them out! Order directly from their website and use my code “veginspired” for 10% off.

Amazon Faves!

Blackstone 22″ (or 17″) Tabletop Griddles add a fun cooking experience. This gift is for anyone who loves to cook outside and wants to “up their game” with a griddle-style grill. Perfect for pancakes, hibachi, vegetables, and more! Be sure you get on the invite list when your giftee is cooking with this product. Shop this product on Amazon.

Vitamix blenders will always have a place on my gift guide. If you are gifting for a plant-based friend or family member who does not have a Vitamix – they need one. Perfect for smoothies, homemade nut-milk, sauces, and more; these high-efficiency blenders are a frequently used gadget in our little kitchen. I purchased our model brand new, but I have heard fantastic things about their refurbished or renewed models if you are looking for a deal. Shop this product on Amazon.

Chef’s knife and cutting boards are essential for someone preparing a lot of vegetables. Having a quality chef’s knife makes vegetable prep easy. The Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8-inch chef’s knife is my personal favorite. It fits snuggly in my hand and is comfortable for hours of prepping in the kitchen (which happens when you create recipes)! Having a quality cutting board also helps in the kitchen and to keep your knife sharp. Shop these products on Amazon.

Field No.10

Field Company cast iron skillet is top on my list for most used kitchen tools. Easy to cook in, lasts a lifetime, and looks pretty; I love my cast iron. This handcraft skillet is a beauty when appropriately seasoned. Visit their website to shop; I suggest a #10 or #12 for someone’s first cast iron.

Plant-Based Gift Ideas For the Beauty Guru

Rustic Maka is a small family-owned business that creates beautiful all-natural body care products. They are one of the only natural deodorants that work for me, and their body lotions are rich and creamy and perfectly hydrating. Their products make excellent gifts, and their scents are divine – so many to choose from. Dream Catcher and Winds of Change are my favorites!

Osea Malibu skincare products have changed my life. They leave my skin feeling soft and smooth, and I’m noticing a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles despite my age. I’m thrilled to have found them. My favorites are the Ocean Cleansing Mudd, The Atmospheric Protection Cream, and the Firming Eye Cream.

Pacifica Mascara is all you need to achieve that “campground” cute look. LOL! I might not wear a lot of makeup like I used to, but I always add a little mascara to make me feel fabulous! My favorite is the Pacifica Stellar Gaze because it elongates and thickens my lashes, giving them a full look without an overdone look. Shop this product on Amazon.

Hurraw Lip Balms are my favorite lip hydrating products. Rootbeer and Tinted Raspberry are my favorites. Their unique flavors make excellent gifts, AND they have a delightfully smooth texture. The ingredients used are bee-free, soy-free, shea-free, palm-free, organic, and raw! They are wonderful!

Plant-Based Gift Ideas For The Environmentalist

Photo Credit: Skoy Cloths

Skoy cloths are biodegradable cleaning products. Skoy cloths are biodegradable cleaning products. The Cloth is my go-to paper towel replacement for cleaning up my RV kitchen and bath, and The Scrubby is perfect for my hand-washed dishes. You can snag them for yourself from Amazon!

Healthy Human Company stainless tumblers and steins are an excellent way to add personality to your hydration. With dozens of colors and sizes, the healthy human products are sure to be the perfect match for your giftee’s personality. I am partial to my 20oz tumbler, which I used daily to keep my cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot! It is my go-to reusable.

Avocado Huggers are perfect for your avocado loving giftee. They help keep the other half of your avocado fresh. These huggers are excellent for storing your avocado overnight or for taking half of an avocado for your lunch on the go! And they don’t just have huggers for avocados. Check them out!

Plant-Based Gift Ideas for the Cookbook Fan

The China Study Cookbook is one of my go-to cookbooks. There are so many wonderful and easy plant-based recipes that even non-vegans will love. The recipes are simple and tasty, and easy to follow! The perfect cookbook for anyone wanting to add more plant-based recipes to their menu plans – new and seasoned vegans alike!

The Friendly Vegan Cookbook is the perfect cookbook for new and seasoned vegans. Full of delicious and easy to make vegan meals, this cookbook has everything you need to start eating vegan!

Plant Pure Nation and The Plant Pure Kitchen cookbooks also rank high in our kitchen. With so many delicious and easy to make plant-based recipes, these cookbooks are sure to be a go-to resource for anyone looking to eat more plants. The story threaded through the Plant-Pure Nation Cookbook regarding the implementation of Plant Pure Nation is also a fun read for inspiration and motivation to eat more plants!

Vegan for Everybody Cookbook is another go-to vegan resources. Tried and true recipes from America’s Test Kitchen, these recipes require a bit more work, but they always turn out fantastic. Perfect for new and seasoned vegans alike.

The Colorful Kitchen Cookbook is in my top 5. Many recipes in this cookbook have been on repeat in the VegInspired kitchen. I love how they are colorful and focus on whole ingredients. Perfect for anyone looking to eat more plants or healthy meals!

Happy Holidays From VegInspired

I am grateful for you throughout the year, but the holiday season invokes even more gratitude as I focus on all in my life that makes me happy. As always, does not use ads to make money, but we do work directly with brands that we love to share them and recipes using them with you. Your purchases through our links don’t cost you any extra money, but we often receive a small commission. Those commissions keep the lights on and the recipes coming! So thank you for sharing the love with our favorite brands. I know you and your family and friends will love all of these products I recommend. I buy them for my family and friends too!

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