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Gift Guide-Goods & Evil-11.30.16

Throughout our transition to a vegan diet, I focused on the mantra “eat more plants.”  I added salads to my meals, replaced side dishes with salads, or just ate my sides (French fries) on the salad (I guess that is what living in Pittsburgh did for me).  Regardless of the how; what I focused on was adding more plant food to my diet and eliminating food products that came from animals.  At the first Vegan Festival that we ever attended, we met the fine folks at Goods & Evil because from across the room, I spotted a bright green shirt that read, “Eat More Plants.”  It was going to be mine!  I didn’t know then how happy I would be with my shirt, but it is evident, that they should have a place in our VegInspired Gift Guide – so here is the Gift Guide-Goods & Evil.

Gift Guide-Goods & Evil

As I approached the table, other designs caught my eye, “Vegan Power up (Pacman),” “Herbivore,” there were so many compassionate messages! My heart was set on the “Eat more Plants” shirt, (even though I really wanted two), one was my limit for the day.  I knew this would become my favorite shirt, so quality was important.  As I felt the texture of the shirt, I was impressed, it wasn’t a cheap cotton tee, it was quality- thick and well stitched.  I purchased my shirt that weekend and wore it probably once a week; until the next Vegan Festival- when I got my next shirt – “Vegan Power Up.” Now I had two excellent quality, vegan shirts, that could certainly help me spread the message and, as our friends at Goods and Evil say, “Start a Conversation.”
I loved my shirts and loved wearing them and spreading the vegan message, so when Christmas rolled around, I knew the VegInspired Chef needed one.  It took me while to decide and my order ended up being very last minute.  I messaged the team at Goods and Evil and ordered his shirt just in time.  I purchased him the “Herbivore” shirt. Then we had three; we love that the shirts keep their shape and the design doesn’t fade away.  I recommend line drying to maintain the integrity of the print, but my Eat More Plants shirt has snuck into the dryer more than once and has held its own.  Of course, my purchasing from Goods and Evil did not stop after that, and I am the proud owner of the Eat with Compassion shirt.  This shirt has a unique cut, and I love the way it fits.

What I love about Goods & Evil

I highly recommend Goods and Evil Brand Clothing for your gift purchase (for a loved one or yourself).  From their quality materials to their creative designs you can not go wrong with a gift from them.  Their customer oriented service and their above and beyond attention to detail, makes ordering easy and makes for a happy customer.  Check out their other shirt designs and styles and their other goods on their website ( I already have some of their wooden jewelry on my wish list) and tell ’em VegInspired sent you!  Be sure to share pics of you and your loved ones in your new shirt and use the #veginspired, so we can see your “Start a conversation.”
Show Goods and Evil some love on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Also, hop on over to our Instagram ( to enter our giveaway for a chance to win your very own “Eat More Plants” shirt.
Happy Shopping; VegInspired style!
Check out the handsome @veginspiredchef in his Herbivore shirt chowing down on some Vegan Food at the Pittsburgh Vegfest!

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