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Gift Guide-Hurraw! Lip Balms-11.16.2016

Hooray for Hurraw!  The Hurraw! Lip Balms are incredible! I have been a lip balm “junky” since I can remember.  I remember getting Christmas branded peppermint lip balms in my stocking when I was a little girl.  Santa must have known just how much I loved hydrated lips.  From those, I graduated to LipSmackers – those flavors – Orange and Dr. Pepper – YUM! Then it was Chapstick or Soft Lips and on to Mary Kay.  Never in my life had I had a problem with products for my lips.  Pre-vegan, I bought whatever; I didn’t worry about ingredients or animal testing.  I just wanted it to work and have a pleasant scent.  When I tried these, I knew they had to have an exclusive spot in the Gift Guide. So, here you have it, Week 7, Gift Guide-Hurraw! Lip Balms.

Gift Guide-Hurraw! Lip Balms-11.16.2016


Since going vegan over two years ago, I have not been able to find a cruelty free lip balm that works.  I saw the Hurraw! Advertisement in the VegNews magazine and filed it away in my mind to order someday (someday is not a day of the week, so I remind you to do it now!). My only regret about Hurraw! is that I did not order Hurraw! Lip Balms that day! I would have saved myself tons of money and stress over the last two years buying and trying all these other products in the

About a month ago I finally hopped on the Hurraw! Website and ordered three lip balms;  unscented, coconut, and root beer.  I patiently (yeah right, I checked the tracking every day!) awaited the arrival of my package.  When it arrive, I ripped it open and was surprised with a fourth Balm – Orange Vanilla.  At this point in my story, I should mention that every lip balm I had used for the past two years had caused a reaction around my mouth, my lips would get tingling, and then I would break out.  I have no idea what ingredient was causing that, but it was annoying.  Despite those reactions, I couldn’t wait to try the Hurraw! products, not knowing if I would react.  So, I opened them up – the smell – good golly the smell- the perfect amount of scent-, and I tried them – ALL OF THEM!

What I love…about Hurraw!

The texture was smooth and hydrating but not sticky.  It was long-lasting, it didn’t get gritty, and kept my lips feeling fantastic.  I tried them for a week, no reaction. Rotated the flavors and tried them for the second week, still no reaction.  I tried them for a third week, still no tingling or breakouts.  At that point, I was telling everyone who would listen about them.  I started a shopping list for gifts (surprise – if you are on my holiday shopping list you are likely getting a Hurraw! Lip Balm).  I wanted to climb to the roof of our townhome and scream Hooray for Hurraw! They really are that good!  Right now my favorites are Root Beer, Green Tea, and Tinted Cinnamon – the perfect amount of tint!


After over four weeks, I can honestly say I have found my go-to lip balm.  I love them.  What makes them even more unique is the company.  The company prides itself on using quality ingredients – raw, vegan, organic, and fair trade. They set out with the mission to create the perfect balm, and they did.  I was so happy with my products; I sent a favorable email to the folks at Hurraw!, letting them know just how happy I was, and they sent me the nicest reply and a little gift.  In a world of such negativity, it was nice to be able to write to a company and share how happy I was with their products.  I can not say enough good things about them.  Their service and culture emulate the uniqueness of their products and their company.  So let’s all say Hooray! For Hurraw!

Please, do yourself a favor and order some Hurraw! Lip Balms for yourself and your loved ones.  You won’t regret it and neither will your hydrated lips.

Click here to visit their website and be sure to tell them VegInspired sent you!   Show them some love on Social Media as well!  Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook

I hope you enjoy your Hurraw! Lip Balm – They truly stand above of the rest!




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