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Gift Guide-Kiss My Face-10.12.16

VegInspired Gift Giving Guide – Week 2

Parabens, chemicals, phthalates, gluten, artificial ingredients; the list continues of all the “things” in our body care products that could be harmful.  Independent studies indicate adverse effects of these “things.” How in the world do you navigate a path to use the safest products for you and your family? Well, some cutting edge companies, like Kiss My Face, have been paving a path for you.  It only made sense to feature Kiss My Face in our Vegan Gift Giving Guide.

I was first introduced to Kiss My Face when looking for a vegan sunscreen for a 10-day vacation to Florida over two years ago.  I had been a Sales Director for a major cosmetics company and had fallen in love with their sunscreen and figured I would never find one that didn’t irritate my eyes or cause my skin to breakout all while giving me excellent protection yielding a nice golden tan.  Well, I did!   So, when Kiss My Face reached out and offered us some free product to prepare an honest review, I enthusiastically agreed.
They sent us their new Quick Dry Spray Deodorants in Cucumber and Sport.  We tried them both and here are the top 10 reasons you need them in your life, or you need to grab them as a gift this holiday season!

10 Reasons You Need These Deodorants

  1. Free of parabens, phthalates, animals products
  2. No animal testing
  3. Free of artificial fragrances
  4. The Cucumber offers a fresh, clean scent
  5. They keep you dry, dry, dry! (This should be two reasons!)
  6. Easy to apply, quick to dry, and you can carry in your bag for a freshening up after the gym, a workout, or a long day!
  7. Goes on clear-no white marks
  8. Gluten-free & aluminum free
  9. Ethically sourced ingredients and packaging
  10. No pore clogging ingredients that are harmful to your skin

While these deodorants may not soar to the top of the holiday wish list; if you have a vegan to buy for, you just might want to grab one to include with their gift (they fit nicely in a stocking!)

Kiss My Face products I love (in no particular order):

My appreciation for quality skin care and cosmetics did not vanish when I adopted a vegan lifestyle.  Educated on the harmful chemicals and harsh treatment of animals for our beauty care products, quality, cruelty-free ingredients are at the top of my list.  I am grateful for companies like Kiss My Face who have found ways to deliver useful natural products without the use of chemicals, animal testing, and animal products.  As I adopted this lifestyle, I replaced the products that I was using for natural and animal free products.  Contact me directly if you would like further information in making your vanity cruelty free.


Show Kiss My Face some love on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.  Happy Shopping!

XO and live VegInspired!


Kiss My Face provided me with a free product to honestly review.


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