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Gift Guide-Lou Vegan Jerky-12.14.16

Gift Guide-Lou Vegan Jerky

Jerky! Who would have ever imagined? Vegan Jerky. We first found Lou Vegan Jerky at our local Whole Foods.  It was love at first bite and subscribed to their Jerky of the Month Club.  Seriously the best mail day ever is when that box arrives. Want to be the coolest gift giver this year? Order your vegan, vegetarian, and/or health-conscious loved ones some vegan jerky. You can’t go wrong. As part of our Gift Guide-Lou Vegan Jerky, We have partnered up with Lou Vegan Jerky to offer our readers a gift!

Lou Vegan Jerky of the Month Club Box

My favorite Lou Vegan Jerky flavor has to be the Smokey Carolina BBQ – it is tangy and has just the right amount of richness.  It stirs up memories of a delicious wing sauce that I was so very fond of when living in North Carolina.  Definitely a winner.

I am also fond of the Black Pepper and the Maple Bacon.  To be sure I share I save the spicier ones for my hubby, since I am not a huge fan of heat!  I would be fibbing if I told you I didn’t have these on my wish list this year.  There is one called Buffalo Dill that has my name all over it.


Besides eating it out of the bag, try this:

  • On an appetizer plate with some vegan cheeses
  • Chopped up as a salad or soup topping
  • Mixed into a tofu scramble
  • Sandwich filling
  • Taco filling – warm it up slightly, and you can even shred it into smaller pieces
  • It makes a great travel snack
  • On a plate all by its self for a party (or just for you)

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Just remember to order in time for the Holidays.

Live VegInspired and Spice it up with some Vegan Jerky!



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