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Gift Guide-Meaningful Paws-11.2.16

Gift Guide-Meaningful Paws-11.2.16


Smoothie Love! Pre-Vegan we focused on eating a clean diet, most of the time.  One of the keys to that was our healthy, plant-based smoothies.  Little did we know when we watched the Alton Brown, Good Eats episode that featured his smoothie, would it ignite our love of blended fruits and vegetables. There are advocates for smoothies, and there are opponents to smoothies.  My thought is, drink it slow and enjoy the blended deliciousness while giving your digestive system time to work on the fiber.  With my love of smoothies, I had to include smoothies and my favorite smoothie glass in our gift guide. Please enjoy our Gift Guide-Meaningful Paws -11.2.16.
One day, in my vegan Instagram surfing, I happened across the Meaningful Paws account, and I knew I had to have a 24oz Vegan Tumbler for my daily smoothies.  I added it to my Christmas wish list, and the lovely VegInspired Chef surprised me, and I have been enjoying smoothies out of if for the last ten months. I loved it so much, I ordered myself another one. 🙂   You might wonder what makes this tumbler so unique and why I “needed it.”

Here are a few reasons these glasses rock:

  1. The messages on the glasses! What an awesome way to spread compassion and you can drink out of in meetings, at the stop light, at the office, etc.
  2. The size and shape of these tumblers is perfect, and I know because this cup fits snug in my cup holder and holds just the right amount of healthy breakfast smoothie.
  3. It has a lid!  (I have spilled a few berry smoothies not having a lid – what a mess!)
  4. Giving back-Meaningful Paws gives a portion of the sales of every order to an animal cause. <3
  5. Multipurpose- You can wash out the smoothie and hydrate with water all day at work without a spill

Before the purchase of our Vitamix, we whipped up our smoothies using an immersion blender. A high-efficiency blender is not required, you just have to follow some simpler preparation to ensure smooth blending. To prepare the smoothie ingredients for use without a high-efficiency blender, place the frozen ingredients in the mixing container the night before your breakfast smoothie (or about 8-12 hours before) and then add the rest of the ingredients at the time of blending.  It creates the perfect vortex and blended consistency for a tasty smoothie(a shout out to Alton Brown for that trick).  For more information on Building the Perfect Smoothie, check out our previous post Smoothies…the nuts and bolts…

Check out some of my favorite smoothie recipes below as a bonus to this Gift Guide!  Recipes and recommendations!  Woo-hoo!  We hope you enjoyed getting to know Meaningful Paws, one of our favorite compassionate vendors.  Show them some love on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Thanks for reading Gift Guide-Meaningful Paws – 11.2.16, be sure to share with your friends.

Cocoa Berry Smoothie

Orange, Banana, Strawberry Smoothie





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