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Gift Guide-Vegan Non-Profits

Gift Guide – Vegan Non-Profits

Number 12! Did you think we would make it to this point? I have loved sharing our favorite products with you and making these recommendations.  I hope you have enjoyed our posts and have shown some love to our friends at these great vegan companies.  Our last post is a bit unique.  Gift Guide-Vegan Non-Profits.  One of my most cherished gifts over the last few years was a donation made in my name to Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  As an animal lover, I want all animals to be taken care of, and this donation secured some feed for our farm friends.

Having worked at a nonprofit, I appreciate the dedication and hard work that goes on behind the scenes day in and day out to keep nonprofits running.  From voluntary board positions to paid staff, the mission is always the focus.  So I share this post with you to encourage you to do some research.  Is there a vegan non-profit in your loved one’s area that you could make a donation to on their behalf?  This doesn’t necessarily have to be an animal based non-profit.  There are many non-profit organizations, such as, that are health based and spreading a strong plant-based message.  Familiarize yourself with these organizations, follow them on social media, and review their missions.  Do their missions and values speak to you?  If you are not able to make a donation on someone’s behalf, perhaps volunteering on their behalf would better suit you.


Vegan Non-Profits

Some of my Pittsburgh favorites are:

Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary

Vegan Pittsburgh

Some of my National/International favorites are:

Nutrition Facts

Farm Sanctuary

Asha Sanctuary

Meatless Monday

Vegan Outreach

The Humane League

Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary

FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement)

Mercy for Animals


Of course, this list is not complete. There are so many wonderful people donating their time, effort, property, and money to many worthwhile organizations.  Research and aligning to the values and mission of the organizations allows you to put your whole heart in.  Hopefully, this little representation has given you a glimpse of the Worldwide Vegan Nonprofits and has inspired you to make a difference; to be the change in the world.  A nice little tax deduction at this time of the year doesn’t hurt either.

We hope you have a cruelty-free and peaceful Holiday Season!


The VegInsired Crew.


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