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Gift Guide-Veggie Republic-12.7.16

Gift Guide-Veggie Republic-12.7.16


One of the benefits of a plant-based, vegan way of eating is how my body feels.  I feel clean, fresh, and light.  I wish I could explain to everyone the healthy feelings associated with this lifestyle.  However, often my lifestyle choices do not come up naturally in conversation.  One of the best ways I have found to bring food into the conversation is through my Veggie Republic Bracelet.  The unique design and colorful images are eye-catching and naturally generate compliments which opens the door to “Fruit and Vegetable talk.”  Our motto, in the VegInspired kitchen, was always “eat more plants.”  What better than a bracelet to wear as a beautiful reminder to eat foods that nourish our body.   I knew I had to include these beautiful bracelets in our Gift Guide-Veggie Republic.

I have always been fond of jewelry, and when I saw the Veggie Republic bracelet on social media, I knew I needed one.  After more research, I learned more about the Veggie Republic and their mission! Since the Veggie Republic opened, they have committed to giving back.  Through their alliance with the California Association of Food Banks, they see that five pounds of fresh produce, per bracelet, are delivered to those who need it the most.  I could not wait to order my bracelet and support this excellent company.  Click here to read more about how the Veggie Republic gives back.
PC: Veggie Republic
PC: Veggie Republic

Shop for a Veggie Republic Bracelet

These bracelets are creative, high quality, and colorful.  They make a statement.  Wear one or wear many.  These would be a unique gift for a loved one (or share this post with your gift-giver as a hint that you want one).
PC: Veggie Republic
Click here to shop and tell ’em VegInspired, sent you! Use the code VEGINSPIRED15 to receive 15% off your order.  Also, show the Veggie Republic some love on Facebook and Instagram. In fact, head over to to enter our giveaway – giveaway and offer End 12/11/16.
Live (and wear) VegInspired!

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