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Gift Guide-Vitamix-11.9.16

Gift Guide-Vitamix-11.9.16

Please welcome to the VegInspired Vegan Gift Guide series the Vitamix; a high-efficiency blender that takes center stage at least once per day in our VegInspired kitchen.  We were first introduced to the Vitamix while watching the Youtube Channel of the infamous Fully Raw Kristina over three years ago.  Pre-vegan, pre-plant-based, pre-marriage, just a happy couple in a tiny apartment enjoying the creativity of this raw vegan YouTuber and her handy Vitamix.  It wasn’t until we purchased our own Vitamix over six months later that we actually understood the capabilities of this high powered machine.  The Gift Guide-Vitamix-11.9.16 will explore just how much love we give to this machine.  If you have a loved one looking to eat healthier, eat vegan, eat vegetarian, or just “eat more plants” I highly recommend a Vitamix as a gift idea.


Last week I posted about our love of smoothies and the awesome glasses we use to drink them.  In that post were several smoothie recipes.  Follow this link to grab the smoothie recipes.  We are going to explore other instances where our Vitamix played a key role.


After smoothies, the next on the line up coming out of the Vitamix are nut milks and cashew “butter” sauces.

Our Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes use the almond milk, and the gravy gets a good blend to smooth it out

Find the Cashew Butter Sauce in:

We use the Vitamix to blend up our favorite tomato soup, our VegInspired Cheese Sauce, The Plant Pure Cookbook’s Tofu-Cashew Mayo, pie and cheesecake fillings (vegan of course), and Banana Ice Cream (so incredibly smooth and creamy – amazing!)

I had sticker shock when I saw the price of the Vitamix.  I couldn’t believe we were going to spend that much money on a kitchen appliance.  We didn’t even have a regular blender, why did we need this expensive monstrosity.  I sit here trying to remember a week that has gone by where we haven’t used the Vitamix.  I can’t think of one.  There isn’t another kitchen appliance (besides the coffee maker) that gets more use that this guy!

I can say with certainty; this will be a well-loved gift for yourself or a loved one!

Happy VegInspired Blending!

Please share pics of your blended creations – either in the comments, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.



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