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Gift Guide -World Peas-10.5.16

VegInspired Gift Giving Guide – Week 1

Wasabi, Garlic, and Curry, oh my! BBQ, Ranch, and Salt & Vinegar, holy moly! I am not talking about chips, crackers or spice blends! I am talking about six of the nine flavors of World Peas. When approached by World Peas to try and review their products, I thought they’d be like any roasted legume. But they are not! They are crunchy, but not too hard. Flavorful, but not overpowering. They are perfect for so many applications! The versatility is endless. From an every day on the go snack to a salad topper, these peas have stolen my snacking heart!  With no reservations, World Peas leads off the VegInspired Gift Guide.


“These are not just any wasabi pea.”

My favorite bag was the Salt and Vinegar Fava Crisps, with the Texas-Style Barbeque Peas as a very close second. The VegInspired Chef favored the Wasabi with the Curry as a close second. We received all nine flavors and have been tasting them since (once you’ve opened them and enjoyed them is it still tasting??)
You may wonder how I evaluate a product like this. First, it is texture. I want to be sure that there is a crunch, but not too much. Second, is flavor. Does the flavor match what the bag says? Third is satisfaction. How does this meet what I was looking for? Before receiving these, I was looking for a crunchy desk snack, with flavor. These peas have met that demand.
I highly recommend these delicious snacks.  Here are just a few ways I will be using them:

  1. Gift – stuff them in a gift bag or other holiday sack
  2. Pour them into a bowl and set out at your next party
  3. Purse or backpack snack – for those marathon holiday shopping days
  4. Salad topping for that dinner party coming up
  5. Road Trip snack for that “over the river and through the woods drive.”
  6. Crunchy topping for your fall soup or stew (imagine the deliciousness of ranch on tomato soup-whoa!)

We hope you enjoy your World Peas as much as we do.  Give them some love and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Happy Snacking!



Disclaimer: World Peas Snacks provided me with free product to honestly review.

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