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March Meatless Monday Madness

MMMM1 intro

One of the best ways to introduce yourself and your family to meatless and dairyless meals is by participating in Meatless Monday.  Here at VegInspired we are going to kick off the launch of our new website with “March Meatless Mondays Madness” (MMMM). We will feature 2 recipes every Monday for the entire month of March.  We are starting this series with two recipes and an intro today to get you prepped and ready to go.

Why meatless Monday?  Check out these additional resources for awesome Meatless Monday information!

Humane Society


meatless monday - link to chooseveg.


Meatless Recipe 1

Quick Vegetable Pasta

Microwave a pound of frozen vegetables for 3 minutes or until thawed. Cook a pound of your favorite pasta.  While that is cooking, sauté a sliced onion until soft, mix in garlic and let sauté until fragrant, add thawed veggies and cook until desired tenderness (around 3-5 minutes).   Toss pasta and veggies in 1-2 tsp of oil, salt, and pepper to taste, and add some nutritional yeast.  I challenge you to grab your food processor and mix up a batch of “Parmesnooch” (similar to parmesan cheese only dairy free) using nutritional yeast and walnuts…. Equal parts walnuts and national yeast (1 cup) and ½ teaspoon of salt. Process mixture until fine (looks like breadcrumbs).  You can use in place of parmesan cheese.  Store “Parmesnooch” in the fridge.

Meatless Recipe 2

Baked potatoes with Mexican black beans & salsa, and a salad

Bake your potatoes (either in the oven or in microwave – your preference).  Dice an onion and mince a jalapeño, sauté in 1 tsp of oil until onion is soft, add 1-2 cloves of minced garlic and 1 tsp of cumin, sauté until fragrant, add 1 can of black beans (drain some but not all of liquid) and cook until heated through.   Top your baked potato with beans and your favorite salsa, minced cilantro, and avocado. (You can even try some vegan sour cream if you wish).  Make your favorite salad and use oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper for a clean, simple tossed greens and veggies!

Breakfast, snack, and lunch ideas coming this week! Check back to prepare your MMMM plan for March 2015!!

I hope you join us by participating in VegInspired’s first Match Meatless Monday Madness!

Post your comments below and let us know if you are in! Send me a recipe or type of food you’d like to see in the upcoming MMMM Meal plans.  Add photos to Instagram or twitter and tag VegInspired to show me what you’re cooking!  Subscribe to receive the new blog posts right to your email!

Remember, baby steps are purposeful progression!




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