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Meet the VegInspired Crew!

It’s happy hour time! It’s cocktail party time! Grab your favorite after work beverage for a virtual meet and greet! It’s time for you to virtually “mingle” with the VegInspired crew!  It’s so much more fun to read a blog when you’ve “met” the cast.   Today we will be featuring our regular cast.

Kathy A Davis, VegInspired Founder, and CEO

Kathy has been Vegan since June 2014.  She is a wife, “fur mom”, and educator (former school teacher turned inspirer!).  Kathy holds a Masters Degree in Education from St. Bonaventure University. Go Bonnies! Kathy’s passion is passing on information and experiences to inspire, motivate, and encourage others.  Kathy spent many childhood days “teaching” her stuffed animals.  On this new adventure, she will share with her VegIs (pronounced Veggies) all about VegInspired living. Kathy’s philosophy is to “treat everyone as you would want to be treated”, so this won’t be one of those pushy websites criticizing non-vegans for their choices. Kathy feels it is important to pass on information so the readers can make educated choices. Questions? Comments? Post ideas? Kathy can be reached at

kathy - wedding

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John Davis,  Tech GUY and Kathy’s Husband

John has been Vegan since April 2014.  John is a “pseudo chef” (he is a self-trained, home based cook and his food is out of this world!).  He can transform a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box of local organic vegetables, fruits, and other goodies into a week’s worth of gourmet meals.  John’s creations will inspire and motivate you to give new VegInspired meals a try.  John will make appearances on our VegInspired website and possibly guest blog from time to time. You may even see him in the kitchen! 🙂 John is the support staff behind VegInspired.

John Wedding


Scooter is our “old man” cat.  He likes his routine and order.  Scooter leads the pack of furbabies and is often found curled up on his spot (think Sheldon) on the couch. Scooter is the people-greeter, he always finds the one person who isn’t a fan of cats and becomes their “best friend”.

scoot on couch
Scooter in “his spot” on the couch.

Scoot in his spot

Murphy is the “wise one”.  Murphy can sense when you are getting out of the recliner and he will sneak up and take your spot before you have time to leave the room.  Murphy lets us know when it is dinner time with his sweet (and loud) meows and is always the first one into the kitchen if something is dropped on the floor. Murphy will make a video appearance on VegInspired!  He is a unique eater and we will share the silly video in the near future! 🙂

murph on chair
Murphy in his spot in the recliner.

murph in bed

Eddie …Oh kittens! Aren’t they the best? Eddie is our Pittsburgh Humane Society Rescue kitten. He is the tuxedo, lap cat I have always dreamed of.  He is helpful and always around.  We joke that he has “wormholes” because you will see him in the kitchen and then he will be upstairs in a moment’s time with no explanation of how he got there so fast.  He is quite a monster, but he rounded out the family and we wouldn’t trade him for anything. He is our resident “office assistant”. If there is a piece of paper on the desk, Eddie is pawing it, chewing it, or knocking in on the floor.

eddie 1
Eddie in his bed in the office. #officeassistant



Additional Crew Member

Uncle Rico (UR)  is John’s brother.  UR has been Vegetarian since Thanksgiving 2013.  He has since gone fully vegan and loves trying John’s new vegan creations.  UR is passionate about the vegan lifestyle and about clean, organic living.  If we are lucky…Uncle Rico will guest blog for us from time to time.


Well, that’s the VegInspired Crew!

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Thank you for reading our posts and visiting our website! You make this all worthwhile! XO!


Coming Soon…. Q&As – submit your questions about a vegan lifestyle in the comments or email them to me directly

From time to time, we will feature a Q&A post to answer your questions and help you get VegInspired!


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