Meet VegInspired

kathy- veginspired holding Scooter Cat outside of RV
Kathy with Scooter

VegInspired, aka Kathy Davis, I am an educator by trade and plant-based foodie by passion. I have been sharing my recipes with the world since 2014 when I decided to start VegInspired to inspire others to Eat More Plants. I consider myself a whole food plant based educator. With my husband John by my side, I learned the ins and outs of cooking and creating delicious plant based recipes with whole food ingredients.

My Story

Over the course of the last six years, I have eaten on all ends of the plant based spectrum. Always 100% vegan, I’ve tried everything from meat and dairy “faux-products” to whole-food, plant based versions of all my favorite dishes. I have traveled to hundreds of vegan-friendly restaurants to try their dishes and shared many on the VegInspired YouTube Channel. I’ve always loved the challenge of stepping out of my comfort zone to create a plant-based version of a recipe.

Kathy cooking vegan cookies
Kathy cooking up some vegan cookies

In November 2019, I had an eye-opening moment. I stepped on the scale to weigh one of our cats and found myself at my highest weight EVER! That scary and disappointing realization led me to follow a more strict version of a Whole Food, Plant-Based (WFPB) diet than I had ever before. My goal was to lose weight and develop sustainable habits for a healthier lifestyle.

After six months of WFPB meals, walking daily, and creating healthier habits I had lost over 30 pounds. I was thrilled with the results and knew that my VegInspired way of eating was working. Many plant-based doctors and nutritionists advise against occasional oil or processed foods when following a WFPB diet. My opinion is one of creating daily habits that align with a strict WFPB diet while giving those non-compliant options an occasional place.

The VegInspired Philosophy

John and Kathy, November 2019

My VegInspired philosophy follows these guidelines:

  • Oil-Free
  • High Carbohydrates
  • Mostly Unprocessed
  • Whole Plant Foods
  • Occasional vegan treats

My belief is that by creating daily habits the align with my goal of eating an oil-free, high carbohydrate, mostly unprocessed, whole-food, plant-based diet, an occasional vegan pizza or vegan s’more is not going to create a noticeable negative effect for a healthy person. I am not a doctor or nutritionist, this is my philosophy based on my experiences. My use of the word diet is in reference to the way I eat on this lifestyle, not a short term dietary plan

My Daily Life

I am currently traveling the United States of America in a Fifth Wheel RV with John and our three cats – Scooter, Murphy, and Eddie. We have set a goal to visit all of the US National Parks on our travels. Of course, a visit to vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants is also a priority as we travel as well. You can view our travel adventures on

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