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100% plant-based recipes

VegInspired began as a place to share my vegan and mostly plant-based recipes to help and inspire others to adopt a lifestyle where they would “eat more plants.”  I try to appeal to both the quick, weeknight cook and the creative chefs. VegInspired is not just a place for only vegans.  I want to inspire all visitors to our site to “eat more plants.”  I take the time to create plant-based recipes that take omnivore’s taste buds into consideration. You don’t need to be vegan to love these delicious plant-based recipes! Each recipe is carefully created to optimize the flavors and textures of the ingredients.

All of the recipes are VegInspired’s versions of tried and true recipes created in my kitchen.  Please tag @veginspired on Instagram or Facebook, or link back to this page, if you choose to share our recipes! Thanks and Live VegInspired!

Most of the recipes you will find on this site use whole, fresh ingredients.  I have significantly reduced the amount of oil I use in cooking, many recipes are completely oil-free.  In the VegInspired kitchen, I do support and occasionally use vegan products, such as Vegenaise and tasty vegan cheeses.  Also, I feel that oil-free versions of seitan and mock meats are a benefit to those transitioning and use them in some recipes.

Transitioning to a plant-centric diet can be challenging and overwhelming. Finding easy recipes that you love makes it easier and less stressful. Read my article Time-Saving Tips for Plant-Based Eating to get a handle on eating more plants in less time.

Happy Plant-Based Eating!

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