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Vegan Resources for  VegInspired Living

We have researched our way to a VegInspired life!  Books, documentaries, websites, blogs, YouTube channels… you name it, we’ve devoured it!  During our transition, vegan resources such as these were our “happy place” and we loaded up on them.  We looked to these resources for information and recipes, as well as support.  To help you live a VegInspired life, we will keep this page updated with some of our favorites.  Please enjoy learning about plant-based, vegan living – set a goal you can win, just focus on the mantra “Eat More Plants.”  It has completely changed our lives.


VegInspired Shopping Gift Guide 2016

We created this guide in collaboration with some of our favorite brands.  While it was launched during the holiday season, these items make great gifts for birthday, graduations, mother’s day, father’s day, and more.


Websites – Great website with the truths about nutrition. – Dr. McDougall authored the Starch Solution (which you can order directly from our Amazon Shop) – This site has loads of articles, Plant-Based Nutrition Courses and hosts The Campbell Plan, Dr. Thomas Campbell and Dr. T. Colin Campbell co-authors of the best-selling book:  The China Study (which you can order directly from our Amazon Store)  This book is based on a study that shares how food directly affects our health and wellness.  We had the privilege of meeting Dr. T. Colin Campbell in Pittsburgh at the preview showing of PlantPure Nation, which is written by Dr. Campbell’s son Nelson Campbell.  This documentary showcases the results of jumpstart groups who followed plant-based diets.  Look for it in theaters July 4, 2015.


PlantPure Cookbook – This cookbook is excellent for new and veteran vegans or plant-based foodies.  The recipes are delicious and easy to follow.  This is one of our go-to cookbooks.

Forks Over Knives – we watched the documentary on Netflix, and we have the Forks Over Knives Plan (which you can order from our Amazon Shop)

The Vegan Zombie – great recipes and videos.  We love the cookbook – Cook and Survive (Grab it from our Amazon Shop).

But I Could Never Go Vegan (Grab it from our Amazon Shop) – This cookbook was a Christmas gift, and we LOVE it! Read our review of this book here.


The Bite Size Vegan – Emily from the Bite Size Vegan, is a Vegan Activist.  Her YouTube videos are informative, educational, and very moving.  We love them!

Documentaries – Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret  This documentary is compelling and captures yet another reason to eat more plants – how animal agriculture affects our environment.  Grab it for yourself today!


We hope you enjoy these resources.  Check back often to see more of the resources we love.


Kathy and the VegInspired Crew