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Smoothies…the nuts and bolts…

I received an email asking what we put in our smoothies.  I feel it only fair to share a bit about how smoothies came into our lives.  John is a huge Alton Brown and Good Eats fan.  Alton Brown did an episode on smoothies where he put the frozen fruits in the fridge the night before.  This is how we started.  We used to use juice and soy milk as our liquid with a variety of frozen fruits.  We would assemble the smoothie in the stick/immersion blender container the night before and used the stick blender to blend them up.  These smoothies were awesome and we loved them!  Thanks, AB!   After our exploration of plant-based eating, we began researching the infamous Vitamix.  This machine has changed our lives! With its high speed and high powered capabilities I was able to whip up a smoothie in under 2 minutes every morning before work.  So what exactly do I out in my smoothies?   Well, this has evolved but here are the basics and the alternatives!

Basics: (for 2 16-20oz smoothies)

1 C liquid ( we use nondairy milk)

2 T ground flax

2 bananas

1-1 1/2 Cups of frozen fruit ( we mix it up using strawberries, cherries, blueberries, or a combination)

A bit of water to ensure the correct “tornado” effect- sometimes I add more when the blender is running

Additions (to spice it up we sometimes add additional items such as):

2 dates or 1 t of date sugar

1/2 Cc oats

1/2 T of cocoa powder or chocolate syrup (vegan)

1-2 c of greens (we like spinach or baby smoothie greens)

1/2 c of peas… Yup! We did this with 2T of cocolate syrup and it was pretty good

Fresh fruit – Apple, orange, pears…

Those are just some options.  Smoothies are a great way to carb up for breakfast and by adding oats you increase your fiber and stay full longer! Be creative and mix it up (pun definitely intended!!)


Be VegInspired!  Share your favorite smoothie recipe in the comments!!



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