Super Easy Plant-Based Cookbook

The Super Easy Plant-Based Cookbook, full of over 100 recipes with no oil, or refined sugar, and minimal salt is just what you’ve been waiting for! #supereasyplantbased Transitioning to a plant-based way of eating can be overwhelming. In this book, Kathy illustrates super easy recipe ideas and practical tips to have you whipping up plant-based meals in no time!

The recipes in this book show you how to create tasty plant-based meals in 30 minutes, with no cooking, with one pot, and even with 5 ingredients. From breakfasts and salads to dinners and desserts, Kathy has you covered. Keeping it even easier using normal ingredients found just about everywhere!

Most people think cooking plant-based meals can be time-consuming and flavorless, but the recipes in this cookbook are far from either of those misconceptions. This book is full of super-easy plant-based meals using normal pantry ingredients to pack in the flavor without the fuss.

Kathy A. Davis, Founder of VegInspired

Brought to you by Kathy Davis. Kathy is a plant-based lifestyle coach, recipe developer, author of the 30-Minute Whole-Food, Plant-Based Cookbook, and CEO of VegInspired. She’s been cooking up plant-based recipes in the kitchen (with her husband John) since 2014 when they first transitioned to an “eat more plants” lifestyle. Since then, Kathy has made it her mission to inspire others to Eat More Plants! This cookbook is bound to do just that!

Eating all over the spectrum, from “junk food” vegan meals to whole-food, plant-based meals, Kathy has tried it all. In 2019 Kathy tweaked her diet to a WFPB one. After 6 months, she successfully lost and kept off the weight and found her love of cooking with whole ingredients.

With over 100 recipes in this book, there is something for everyone. Whether you are plant-based curious, a happy omnivore, an aspiring vegan, or a WFPB-foodie – her recipes wow even the pickiest eaters.

Pick up your copy of this book, wherever books are sold, today!

Super Seed Chocolate Bark, Page 126

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