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Vegan for the Planet, Happy Earth Day 2015!

Happy Earth Day!

Vegan for the Planet

We started eating plant-based for health; eliminating animal products most of the time.  Then through researching, we found that eliminating animal products was good for the environment and of course the animals.  By reducing animal products from your daily diet, you reduce the demand for animals raised for food.  You are probably wondering how your reduction of animal products can even make an impact, but studies show that even one meal a week makes an impact.  Imagine the impact you could have on the environment when all your meals are animal free.

Earth Day

Earth Day is a day focused on environmental protection.  It isn’t news to anyone that our planet is in need of protection.  From dwindling resources to droughts, to endangered animals, we have put Mother Earth to use.  Environmental activists focus on driving environmentally friendly cars and planting trees, but the impact these activities make is much smaller than the effect of eating fewer animal products.   Animals raised for consumption contribute to at least 18% of the greenhouse gas emissions.  If we can reduce the animals farmed for food, we reduce the amount of methane released into the atmosphere.  In minimizing the animals raised for the food, we also reduce the land needed, which reduces deforestation and animal waste pollution of our rivers and streams.

Before going vegan and being exposed to the documentaries and activists sharing these facts, I had no idea the impact factory farms had on our environment.  I have been quoted saying, now that I know, “it drives me crazy when a Hybrid car driver parks their car and goes to eat at a steakhouse.  Do they know the impact they are making with those choices and which is more robust for the environment?”   I honestly had no idea.  I thought by installing special light bulbs and fewer water toilets and shower heads I was making a difference.  I suppose I was making a small difference, but by eliminating animal products from my diet, I have made a huge impact.

In less than one month, I will celebrate my one-year Veganniversay.  In that year, I have reduced  co2 emissions by over 3,000 pounds and saved over 100 animals.  Since adopting a vegan diet I feel healthier (lighter, if that makes sense), my skin has cleared up and is younger looking,  I have lost weight, and have discovered delicious new foods and recipes.

Eat More Plants

A recent recommendation from a federal panel that sets dietary guidelines for Americans states that Americans should eat less meat because it is better for the environment.  The United Nations had already recommended a global shift toward a vegan diet because the Western diet, heavy in meats, is “unsustainable.”

As I have traveled this journey to where I am now, I have learned so much about where my food comes from, and the impact my choices have on the world.  I am vegan for everything…

  • Compassion
  • Animals
  • Earth/Environment
  • Health
  • Peace
  • People

Get VegInspired this Earth Day.  Check out some of our meatless recipes.



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