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VegInspired Living [vegan, plant-based]

We’re back!  We hope you had a wonderful Holiday season and Happy New Year.  We took a brief hiatus to do some planning, research, and preparation for some exciting upcoming posts in 2016!

As a kickoff to the new year, we wanted to explore how we define VegInspired living and how that has evolved.  The term VegInspired was a Pinterest board of mine as we started adding more plants into our meals, some kale here, a big salad there, more veggies mixed into our pasta, etc.  As we made the transition to reduce animal products, I wanted a space to collect recipes, ideas, tips, tricks, and inspiration. Voila! VegInspired was born.  During this transition, we used vegetables and whole grains as the main part of our meals.  As we created new recipes and modified existing recipes, we used the whole foods as the inspiration for the meals.

So defining VegInspired is focusing your meals on vegetables and whole plant foods and using those as the main component of your meal. For example, rice bowls with lots of veggies, vegetable burgers with baked potato wedges, and salads topped with loads of veggies, hummus, and/or a scoop of cooked quinoa.  Whatever you enjoy eating, make vegetables and whole plant foods the focal point.  Try something new by incorporating a whole food or vegetable in place of your typical animal product!

Here are some of the creations we’ve been testing and enjoying the VegInspired style.   (top left to right: BBQ Jackfruit Nachos, Baked Sweet Potato with Spicy black beans and avocado, Beet Burger atop greens and veggies, Quinoa bowl with veggies and tahini sauce, and some holiday cookies).

 After looking at my lunch, or testing a dish we’ve made, we often hear, “well I could be vegan, but I’d miss XYZ.”  We had felt the same way before we started exploring this plant based, a VegInspired way of eating.  I remember asking a friend to meet for lunch so could have a cheeseburger, or dousing my baked potato with butter and sour cream, but the more I ate VegInspired meals, the more of a variety of foods I was introduced too and now I love.  From, beans to beets, to farro to brown rice I am in LOVE with this way of eating.

Are we perfect? Is it that we “can’t” eat something? No, we are doing the best we can to live a life that is healthy and happy.  We know that the reduction of animal products has helped our health because of the research and the way our bodies feel.  We are happy because we know we are making a kind impact on the world.  From animals to the earth, by not eating animal products we are voting for more plant-based options.  I hope as you continue on your journey through 2016 you incorporate more veggies into your meals and reduce the amount of animal products you eat.  Let us know your favorite VegInspired dishes in the comments or if you have a dish you’d like us to help “veganize” send us the recipe!

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Live VegInspired!
XO, Kathy

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