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VegInspired Things I Love  4.21.15

What I Love Wednesday 

I have read a lot of blogs where the author shares things they love.  I thought I would share some things I am loving this week.  Part of a vegan lifestyle is making conscious life choices.  I do all the same things I had done before I went vegan, except eat or use animal products.  I wear makeup, wash my face, my hair, read, eat, exercise (okay, so might not do that as consistently as I should), shop; all the same things you do.  The difference for me is internal.  When I am shopping, I am reading labels to ensure the items I am buying are man-made.  I am reading ingredients and checking to be sure the cosmetics I buy are both cruelty-free and vegan (yes, products can be cruelty-free but still contain animal products??).  Ultimately, I live a cruelty-free lifestyle where I know my choices, and my money represents votes; they might be small, but what I buy creates demand for those items.  That is powerful. Here are some things I love.

1.  Jamberry Nails.  I bought these cute little guys through a fundraiser for a local Animal Sanctuary in Pittsburgh Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary. They were easy to put on, and I could stop halfway through the application, help with dinner, and go right back to applying them with no chips or smears!  And they are vegan and non-toxic!!

2. Pacifica Fringe and Jet Eyeliners.  Pacifica Beauty. I love Pacifica! They are 100% vegan!  Their eyeliners, cc cream, lip tints, and mascara are great.  I am transitioning to a 100% vegan skincare and beauty regime.  Pacifica gets my vote!

3.  Ultimate Veggie Burgers from  These veggies burgers are the real deal.  We made a dozen and froze them so we can grab a burger any night and they are ready to go.  Top with your favorite animal free toppings and you will love them too.

4. Fitbit. Love that this little band keeps me motivated.  I park further away. I offer to run upstairs to the office. I move more just to get steps!

5. Baby kale. We got an extra box from our local, organic CSA and in it were the best baby kale greens I have ever had.  I just tossed them with some balsamic vinaigrette and a little nutritional yeast and boy were they tasty!


That wraps up my first “What I Love Wednesday”.  Stay tuned for more of my faves!

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