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VegInspired Things I Love, 4.29.15

5 Things I love

  1. Sunbum Keylime SPF Lip Protector.  I searched high and low for a vegan lip protector with SPF – Wholefoods in PA and Wholefoods in FL… neither – they all had beeswax :(.  I mentioned it to a friend and while she was souvenir shopping she picked up a flyer about SunBum.  Low and behold this Florida company had a lip protectors that were VEGAN!  YAY!  I ran over to the surf shop to pick one up.  I am glad I did – I bought the KeyLime, but I might order one of each – banana smelled AMAZING!  Pick one up for yourself.
  2. Garam Masala – This delicious little spice combination makes me HAPPY.  I am the little “sous-chef” in the VegInspired Kitchen and John has me using the Mortar and Pestle – and this little spice smells SO good and adds such a great flavor to our Indian inspired dishes!  Yum!
  3. Emani Lip Shine.  Got this dazzler in my April Vegan Cuts Beauty Box(click to get a box for yourself)! I love it.  As a former sales consultant for a major cosmetics company, I have been looking for a good, glossy, lip shine since going vegan.  This one is even better than the one I used before… The smell is amazing and it has that glossy, awesome lip-feel.  Cruelty-free beauty is the most beautiful way to be!
  4. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret.  Okay, so I have been wanting to see this for over a year…. Since it launched its previewing tour.  I finally purchased it and John and I watched it on Earth Day.  This movie is no filtered truth about how animal agriculture is affecting our environment.  I highly recommend you check it out and educate yourself.  Your money is your way of supporting the change!! Eat more plants for the environment and our future generations!  Today is the last day to grab it for only $1.00!! What are you waiting for?
  5. Soda water and lemon.  This bubbly concoction is perfect in the summer weather and considerably better for you than soda.  Try it!  I am thinking of trying other fruits too:).

There you have it, 5 more things I love in my life right now 🙂 !!!

Let me know what you are loving right now!!!

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