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What Made You Go Vegan?

What made you go vegan?  Popular question! I’ve been asked this question a lot, and I’m always thinking of how to better answer it. I am passionate about veganism and want to transfer all of my knowledge when someone asks me this question.  It’s hard to answer because it wasn’t a split decision, but a long transition of learning and experience. It has really been an internal evolution of opening my mind and taking off the blinders.  It’s hard to put into words all of the information I’ve gained and personal growth, but without beating around the bush the following are the core reasons that I am vegan and without question, will be for life:


  1. Animal protein causes disease. It damages our bodies in so many ways after each meal. It cripples our arteries and creates harmful toxins. Because of this and personal experience, I believe that plants are our natural food source. I am repulsed by animal products after a year without them. I think the only reason I craved it and consumed it throughout my life is because it was fed to me since childhood.  Also, science has pretty strong evidence that early man was vegetarian and meat consumption is quite new to our evolution due to necessity in colder climates where plants would become scarce.
  2. Animals raised for consumption experience a living hell. Activist Gary Yourofski once said that if animals had a religion us humans would be the devil. And it all starts with the consumer. We gluttonously take the beauty of life from these defenseless animals for only taste and comfort, when there are so many other options available. Even the Neanderthals seem to not have consumed much meat and were largely plant-based ( I encourage you to watch some eye-opening documentaries including Food Inc., Earthlings, Cowspiracy, and Voices from the Abyss to gain insightful knowledge to this topic.
  3. Factory farming is destroying our environment. It contributes extremely heavily to greenhouse gasses, wastes outrageous amounts of fresh water, steadily clears rainforest, and flushes billions of tons of animal waste into our rivers.  Overfishing has depleted our oceans by 90% since 1950, and some experts have estimated that they will be completely depleted by 2050. You can contribute so much by eating plants instead of animals!

Go vegan for yourself, for the animals, and for the environment!

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